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Want to Lose Weight in 3 Weeks ? Follow this Program !

weight loss tips for women
Here are six fast diet program is quite safe to do . If you consistently perform the programs under this diet , you will definitely lose weight 3 kg within a week .

As reported allwomenstalk.com , following 6 diet fast that you can apply :

1 . Always choose white water

One of the best ways to lose 3 pounds in a week is to choose white water all the time . Of course , no doubt that the water diet is the best option in addition to soda , coffee , or even fruit juice . Water is the best way without calorie diet , causes the body to stay hydrated and protect you from thirst . Also , the water consumption is normal , you will get a quality improvement of metabolism .

2 . Switching to complex carbohydrates

Brown rice is one of the best sources of complex carbohydrates . By eating brown rice as breakfast , you will get a consistent energy . Because brown rice will last a long time in the digestive system . In addition , add the consumption of foods your diet with vegetables and fruits to get vitamins , minerals , and antioxidants . Avoid refined carbohydrates especially various kinds of white bread and better switching to wheat bread .

3 . Reduce salt intake

Too much sodium was not good . You can hold water in the body if it does not reduce the consumption of sodium in the diet . In fact , the Japanese have a diet that did not should consume salt . This method proved successful , they can lose weight up to 5 kg in one week .

4 . Stay away from any food penggemuk

To succeed in a fast diet programs , are required to avoid ice cream , candy , soft drinks , junk food , and drinks with high sugar content . There is one way that can make you successfully implement such a system , namely the power of motivation . If you really expect to lose weight by 3 kg , then be consistent and never retrace lust for food is delicious .

5 . daily calories

You do not have to calculate in detail about his daily calories . However , as the best way , make sure the amount of your daily calories are in a normal condition . How? Eat low-calorie foods , especially fruits and vegetables , avoid high-fat meats , and refined carbohydrates .

6 . Burn more calories

Is the most recommended , you calorie burn by going to the gym , workout routine at home , or besepeda in the morning . The best exercise for burning calories is cardio . It is the key to your success in weight loss for one week . Make sure you keep active running , fast walking , swimming , or playing basketball . In the gym , use a treadmill for cardio running perfectly .

Lose weight by 3 pounds a week is not impossible . Be consistent with the six methods above , and find success . Hopefully you can really get an ideal and healthy weight .


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