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Powerful Kick ! Lose Weight with Potato Juice

Lose Weight with Potato Juice

Potato is one vegetable that is not recommended for use if you are undergoing weight loss programs . , But with slight modifications , the potatoes can be a powerful weapon to lose weight .

Potatoes contain nutrients such as calcium , potassium and beta - carotene , and able to meet 10 percent of the body's daily fiber needs . The fiber can support the elimination of solid waste from the body and accelerate the burning of fat through the digestive system .

In addition , a study conducted at Arizona State University shows that potatoes can be a good fat burner because it contains vitamin C. Drink potato juice before meals , can control the production of the hormone leptin and ghrelin , which affect hunger .

Here are the steps to lose weight with potato juice :

1 . Choose fresh potatoes
Potatoes that you choose should be fresh , typically have brown skin color bold . Do not choose potatoes that have withered or been overgrown green or white sprouts on it .

2 . Making potato juice
Wash potatoes and cut into several sections to be widened into the blender . You can memeprtahankan potato skins , because most high vitamin content it was on her skin . Add natural honey that tastes better .

3 . Drink potato juice before meals
Drink potato juice about 2 hours before breakfast and half an hour before dinner . But after eating the potato juice also has the same health benefits .

4 . Choose healthy foods
Although you have to drink potato juice every day before meals , this way will not work if you eat unhealthy foods such as junk food afterwards . Be sure to eat healthy foods after drinking potato juice .


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