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Do not Want to Have Stomach fat ? Follow Tips Here !

Do not Want to Have Stomach ? Follow Tips Here !

Having a protruding belly would be very disturbing your appearance . Not only that , distended stomach is also a health hazard to various diseases associated with obesity due to the impact of abdominal visceral belly fat is very harmful to the body .

So , if you want to have an ideal waist , follow these 5 tips to prevent a distended abdomen below

1 . Eat soluble fiber on a regular basis

One of the keys to prevent stomach is distended ensure 30-35 percent of the food consumed is soluble fiber . One study found that people who eat more soluble fiber , experienced a reduction in abdominal fat over time . A good source of soluble fiber are beans , fruits , vegetables , eggs , and lean meat . For some unique options , try edamame and soy protein .

2 . Diligent exercise

Many studies have found that high -intensity exercise to moderate intensity exercise can help prevent the accumulation of visceral fat in the abdomen . One study from Duke University found that when you increase the time to exercise and do the routine SCARA belly fat will be reduced significantly .

Make sure you do the exercises by weight training and cardio covers . Some cardio exercises such as jogging , tennis , basketball or jump rope would be useful to burn fat . While weight training is an option for you , if you want to get a toned body or just skinny . However , any exercise you choose , be sure to apply it regularly in the morning or evening .

3 . Drink plenty of water

Consuming 8 glasses of water every day is crucial to maintaining a healthy body . In the healthy diet , water is useful for removing toxins and keep the body's metabolism stay perfect . In addition to the effects hydrated by consuming water before eating , then you also get a sense of fullness so do not eat too much . A study says that people who drank two glasses of water before meals , consume fewer calories than those who did not . So , as a solution to prevent belly fat, try to bring a bottle of water with you wherever you go .

4 . Eat a lot of fruits

According to a study from the University of Michigan , the people who eat blueberries every day gain belly fat are much less than those without . They also had far fewer chances of heart disease and diabetes . Grapefruit is also another good option to prevent stomach distended . The two main benefits of grapefruit is a low glycemic index and can burn fat much better . Other fruits that help reduce abdominal fat gain are watermelon , oranges , lemon , and kiwi . Try to make sure you consume at least one fruit after a meal , or when bored , juice to the diet of natural fruits can also be an option .

5 . Consuming healthy foods more often

A recent study showed that eating more frequent meals can help you lose weight . When the period is much more frequent consumption of food , then your metabolism will work slowly . When it is done on an ongoing basis , your metabolism will work much better and be more perfect fat burning . Also , it is advisable to include some varan snacks such as almonds , grapes , apples , low-fat yogurt , and whole wheat biscuit .

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