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Healthy Diet Tips - Diet 30 Day with Oatmeal

Diet 30 Day with Oatmeal

Maybe you 've heard of oatmeal for health benefits , even lately many medical practitioners and nutritionists encourage diabetic patients to eat oatmeal and heart , especially since his usefulness in helping to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels remained normal .

In addition oatmeal can also reduce cholesterol , maintain blood sugar , heart healthy , good for diabetics , preventing colon cancer , and obesity .

Oatmeal can also help the process of beauty and diet since it contains soluble fiber found in oatmeal plays an important role in making the body feel full for a long time .

So , the following preparation tips before starting a healthy diet by using oatmeal :

To maximize the benefits of oatmeal , you need to consider how to prepare oatmeal following : For breakfast , prepare half a cup of oatmeal and one cup of nonfat milk . Then boil milk nonfat milk and oatmeal for one minute over medium heat . If you have a microwave , you can cook it in the microwave for one and a half minutes .

You can combine with blueberries and raspberries that antioxidants in your oatmeal maximum . If you want to get the protein content , just add hard-boiled eggs .
Applying oatmeal to the diet for 30 days .

The first seven days

As reported Ehow.com , in the first seven days are advised to continue to consume half a cup of oatmeal for every meal . Consumption with low-fat milk and make sure your calorie intake each day is 900 to 1200 calories per day .

23 days ahead

Once you finish the diet in the first seven days , you are advised to forward to the next 23 days by eating at least half a cup of oatmeal . As for the instant oatmeal , still make sure the fat and sugar content of less than 60 percent of the total amount of food . In this stage , keep your calories between 1000 to 1300 calories .

Slip a healthy snack every three meals schedule your oatmeal . Strawberries , blueberries , bananas , apples , oranges , and grapes are healthy snacks that are very supportive of your healthy diet . Conversely, avoid melons and high starchy vegetables like potatoes .

Exercise for 30 minutes three times a week . To the best of sports , you can look at 20 sports to lose weight . For fluid intake , use 8 cups per day so that your metabolism running smoothly .

Perform the concept of this diet for 30 days , and after that , you can slowly reduce the oatmeal . Apply one meal of oatmeal and began to introduce your body with low fat meat . However , make sure that the vegetables and fruits to your diet remains an option .

In order to better recognize your oatmeal , here are some benefits of oatmeal :

- According to the researchers , soluble fiber ( beta - glucan ) and avenanthramides ( antioxidants ) in oatmeal reduces bad cholesterol ( LDL ) . As we know , the bad cholesterol increase the risk of heart attack or blockage . By eating oatmeal regularly, you reduce the possibility of storing the bad cholesterol in the body .

- Oatmeal can control blood sugar levels and is an ideal breakfast for diabetics . The American Diabetes Association recommends patients with diabetes to have grains , especially wheat to control their glucose levels .

- Blood pressure can be controlled by eating oatmeal very regular basis . Oatmeal can also control stress and blood pressure . The soluble fiber in one serving of oatmeal more when compared with rice , wheat , or corn .

- Phytochemicals , magnesium , and soluble fiber capable of fighting cancer . These compounds can be against the nature of the bile acids that are beneficial to reduce the toxins from the body .

- One of the health benefits of oatmeal are easily digested . This is due to the soluble fiber in it .


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