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List of Complex Carbohydrates are Good For Diet

List of Complex Carbohydrates are Good For Diet

Many people assume that all carbohydrates are a major cause of obesity , but that assumption is wrong .

There are two types of carbohydrates , namely simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates . The main cause of obesity is simple carbohydrates , such as rice , white bread , and noodles . While carbohydrates are good for diet or beneficial for weight loss is a complex carbohydrate .

Here are the types of food or source of complex carbohydrates :

1 . Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is a complex carbohydrate source that we find in the market . However , you should always be vigilant because the existing wheat bread is not necessarily good for health , and contains very little fiber . Look at the packaging of the bread gandu , if you find flour, sugar fructose , artificial flavorings , and corn syrup then do not buy it .

2 . Wheat grain or whole wheat

Consuming wheat grain makes you get the key benefits of complex carbohydrates , because whole grains have not experienced further processing like pasta and white bread . By eating whole grains, then you will gain a sense of fullness that much longer , and increases metabolism . Why is that ? Because the body will require more energy to process it .

3 . Nuts

Kidney beans , chickpeas , soybeans , and peas make your stomach full immediately , and can survive in a long time . Know that nuts contain folic acid , fiber , vitamins , as well as two important elements in the diet is protein and complex carbohydrates . You can get the best benefits by consuming beans fresh and without preservatives .

4 . oatmeal

Oatmeal is one source of complex carbohydrates the most famous . Contains a low glycemic index and is the best dietary choices . In order not to get bored in consuming oatmeal , you can add cinnamon , low-fat skim milk , and one tablespoon of honey . Add to this the red beans , almonds , or banana slices if you like . Apply oatmeal for breakfast as a form of diet as a healthy diet for your diet .

5 . raw vegetables

It is the best source that provides healthy carbohydrates , essential nutrients such as iron , vitamins and potassium . Also , one of the vegetables are proud of the high fiber content . Syuran in general are also low in calories and contain good fats so it is suitable for your weight loss . Eat vegetables with a variety of colors such as carrots , yams , tomatoes , broccoli , and lettuce .

6 . Nuts and seeds

Almonds , hazelnuts , and walnuts as well as various other grains are a good source of protein and contain healthy fats as a means to increase the body's metabolism . Increased metabolism , of a direct impact on your weight loss . Also , you are advised to consume complex carbohydrates with a variety of plant protein sources for the sake of weight loss better .

7 . sweet potato

You need to know that the sweet potato meemerlukan long time for the body to digest . That way , your blood sugar will remain stable . In addition to contributing for the content of complex carbohydrates , sweet potatoes also contain vitamin C , fiber , and high in potassium . Benefits of sweet potatoes will also be absorbed if you are steaming it . Avoid doing the frying of the potatoes because the nutrients can be broken .


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